A maritime work of art in a Siegener open-air swimming pool

In the course of an extensive reconstruction of the Geisweider open-air swimming pool, an idea came up from the members of the friends association to present the swimming pool with a distinctive and identity forming trademark. After I was consulted to present an idea, I came up with the idea of developing a sailing boat sculpture, whereby the material for the production should come from the local Geisweider steel works. So after many work processes on a billet a seemingly dynamic sail profile made of stainless steel was produced. In order to undertake this project I was able to convince a lot of companies in Siegen to sponsor this.


  1. The model
  2. Building the foundations
  3. Assembling the hull of the boat 
  4. Assembling the sail construction 
  5. Assistance of a crane  
  6. Completion  and formal presentation on 2nd of June 2012
  7. In use...