The Real Jump

"The Real Jump" is the implementation of my vision, namely the fascination of windsurfing depicted in a modern sculpture. 

The figure made of stainless steel shows a windsurfer who is a long way out at sea in extreme conditions and has reached the border between water sport and flying. When the wind- and wave conditions are optimal a good surfer can achieve a height of over ten meters - these dimensions should be shown quite clearly here to the viewer.

A dynamic light creation was installed around the construction so that even in the dark a modern and emotional appearance is assured. During the Windsurf World Cup 2015 on Sylt - the biggest and most important surfing event worldwide, I was able to present the model of my sculpture on the Brandenburger beach. - with the kindly support of the organisers ACT AGENCY

As a highlight duing the Night Session "The Real Jump" was put impressively in the spotlight using innovative LED-Technology from  PHILIPS.